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Daily rent apartment in Yerevan

2 room appartment is offered for daily rent not far from Opera House and Swan lake, on Northern Avenue. The appartment is located on the 5th floor of a 10 story new monolith building. Total surface of the appartment is 90sq.m..
The appartment is fully renovated-with steel entrance door, natural wood flooring, centralized air conditioning and heating. Apartment is fully furnished with modern furniture and appliances. 3 TV sets, satelite chanels and wifi internet is available. The building has underground secured parking for guests and personal garage for tenant. The building is equiped with security system and controled by security officers. Supermarkets, cafes & other entertainments are available in just few minutes of walking distance.

Цена: договорная
Телефон: 091001990
Срок подачи: 05-08-2019
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Daily rent apartment in Yerevan
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